Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

General Regulations Relating to the Degrees Awarded by the University

  • Changes in the General University Regulations
    In addition to the general regulations given in the University Catalogue, (except 1.c given below) the following regulations are also applicable to all the degrees:
           1.  Definitions:- In these regulations unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context:-
                 Credit Hour means the successful completion of a course of one semester hour in theory or three semester hours in practicals per week.
  • The Regulations Relating to the Award of BSCS(GC), BSCS(AI) , BSSE
    Minimum Requirements for Award of Bachelor's Degree
    1. The minimum duration for completing the course for the degree of BSCS(GC), BSCS(AI) , BSSE shall be 8 semesters and maximum 12 semesters.
    2. The course requirement will be 130 or more credit hours for BSCS(GC and AI) , BSSE.
    3. Full time student shall be required to take courses not less than 16 credits hours in a semester.

  • Admission and Registration
    1. Minimum Academic Requirements for BSCS(GC), BSCS(AI) and BSSE: A person holding Intermediate Certificate ( FSC Pre Engg, FSC Pre Med, ICS, FSC Math ), A-level or an equivalent certificate from any recognized Institute with at least second division or overall 50% marks excluding N.C.C., Hafiz-e-Quran, or any other marks specified shall be eligible to apply for admission.
    2. Admission will be on open merit basis
    3. Students with Computer Science background will be given preference.
  • Authority for Admission

The admitting authority shall be the Director of the Institute with the recommendation of the Admission Committee.

  • Minimum and Maximum Credit Hours
    1. Each student shall register himself/herself in the first and second semester for all the credit hours prescribed for these semesters.
    2. Subsequently he/she shall have to register for courses carrying not less than 15 and not more than 20 credit hours.
    3. In the last semester a student may register himself/herself for the courses carrying the remaining credit hours; provided that the maximum does not ordinarily exceed 24 credit hours; provided further that this limit may be extended by the Vice Chancellor up to 27 credit hours in 7th semester if no odd semester course is left behind and similarly he may be allowed to enroll up to 27 credit hours in 8th semester if no even semester course is left behind, in special circumstances to be determined carefully in each individual case. The same will be applicableto the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th semester.
  • Improvement of Grade
    1. During the specified minimum duration for completing the degree, a student may repeat those courses of the previous semester(s) in which he/she had secured the grade 'F', provided the course load does not exceed the maximum limit of credit hours in a semester.Repetition of lowest grade(s) will be allowed after completing 8th semester if, the CGPA is less than 2.50 i.e., degree requirement.
    2. The course grades that a student earns in the repeated courses shall replace the previously earned course grades. However, the previous grade shall stand if the repeated grade is less than the previous one.
    3. The prerequisite courses in which the student has failed, will have to be cleared immediately at the next available opportunity, provided that his maximum workload, including the courses being repeated by the student, will not exceed the normal workload.

  • Academic Standing
    1. Grade Point average
                   (a) Maximum grade point average:   4.00
                   (b) Minimum grade point average:    2.50
    2. To remain on the rolls of the university a student shall be required to maintain the following minimum CGPA in each semester:
    3. Semester                                 Promotion CGPA
      1st    Semester                                      0.75
      2nd   Semester                                      1.00
      3rd    Semester                                      1.25
      4th    Semester                                      1.50
      5th    Semester                                      1.75
      6th    Semester                                      2.00
      7th    Semester                                      2.25
      8th    Semester                                      2.50

    4. student who does not meet the above requirement for promotion shall cease to be on the university rolls. However, he/she may repeat the whole semester only once.
    5. he course grades that a student earns in the repeated semester shall replace the previously earned course grades.
    6. In the 8th semester, if a student fails to achieve the 2.5 CGPA, he shall have to repeat the course/courses with lowest grades, so as to
    7. Make CGPA of 2.5 within the maximum time period allowed for the degree.


  • Transfer of Credits
    1. Students who meet the admission criteria for BS(CS) , BSSE &shall be allowed to transfer up to 6 credit hours from approved Punjab Information Technology Board Diploma programs or other Diploma programs where similar curriculum is being followed (which include Oracle OCP program, and Microsoft MCSD/MCS-DBA programs).
    2. The Minimum residential requirement at UAAR for transfer cases shall be 4 semesters, where credit has been awarded for the remaining courses by the competent authority.



The Regulations Relating to the Conduct of Examination

Please refer to the University Catalogue for Regulations relating to the conduct of examination.

The Regulations Relating to Discipline and Conduct of Students

Please refer to the University Catalogue for Regulations relating to discipline and conduct of students.